Crypto Marketing Agency
We help crypto projects to achieve new results with digital marketing.

We specialize in TOKENS, NFT, IDO, DAO, IEO, DeFi, DEX, P2E.
We make our clients their cryptocurrency & NFT to new ATH-s with digital marketing services
Crypto Communities
Discord Communities
Twitter Communities
Telegram Communities
Community Management
Crypto Social Media
Crypto Telegram Marketing
Crypto LinkedIN Marketing
Twitter Management
Tik Tok Crypto Account
Social Media Content
Medium Promotion
Quora Promotion
Telegram Promotion
Bitcointalk Promotion
Cryptotalk Promotion
Instagram Ads
Discord Promotion
Crypto Influencer Marketing
YouTube Influencers
Twitter Influencers
Instagram Influencers
Reddit Pages
Tik Tok Influencers

PPC Crypto
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Crypto Press Releases
App Promotion
Guerilla marketing
DeFi space, Crypto, NFT, IDO
Crypto E-mail Marketing
Crypto SEO
Bounty Campaigns
Website Creation
Promo Video Creation
Analytical Review
Crypto PR
NFT Marketing
Media Buying for NFTs
Marketing and PR for NFT
Messenger Funnels
- Professional design
- Custom channels and Permissions
- Welcome System with Customizable banner and Message
- Server Stats (Member and Bot Counts)
- Auto-moderation Bot Setup
- Auto Tweets/Reddit Posting
- Server Staff Channels
- Giveaway System With Bot
- Server Logs
- Levelling System for server activity
- Verification System for batter security
- Eth Price and Gas Tracker Bot
- Invite Tracking System
- Up to 10 Reaction Roles
- Roles on the base of the Ranking system
- Crypto Price Charts
- Captcha Verification System
- Rules entry-gate
- Ticket System
- Community Features
- Custom Bot Embeds with Avatar & Name
- Anti raid & Spam protection
- Animated and Non-Animated Emoji's Pack
- Collab land Integration
- Fun Games
- Unlimited Bots & channels/roles/reaction roles
- Simple media alerts (Twitter, instagram)
- Complex integrations (OpenSea, etc)
- Collabland verification
- Voice/text channels
- Locked Staff/Friends Only Channels
- Spam Protection
- Custom Bot commands
  • Decentralized Finance Promotion
  • IEO on exchanges
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Polkadot Smart Contract
  • Market Making Service
  • Market Making for Exchange
  • Custom Blockchain Development
  • White Paper Development
  • List your exchange on CoinMarketCup
  • List your token onCoinMarketCup
  • List your exchange on CoinGecko
  • List your token CoinGecko
  • NFT Launch
  • Exchanges Lists
  • Etherscan Ads
  • Quora Ads
  • Reddit Ads
  • 4chan Ads
  • DappRadar Ads
  • DEXTools Ads
  • Trackers Listing
  • Bscsan Ads
  • Google Speed
  • Exchange Listing
  • CMC Listing
  • DefiPulse Listing
  • Pancakeswap Listing
  • Uniswap Listing
  • CMC listing service
  • CMS posting
  • CoinMooner Votes
  • Reddit Accounts
  • Reddit Upvotes
TikTok Promotion
Founder: Andrii Shatyrko
Marketer and entrepreneur
Crypto bloger: 1 600 000 followers
12 years in digital marketing

Certified YouTube and Video Specialist
Master Trainer accredited by IPACT
Owner of the educational company Nashatyrko
54,000 YouTube and Instagram for Business students
1500 students of "Tik Tok Marathon"
Speaker: FROM EMPTINESS TO FULLNESS (100,000 people), MEGATRAINING (8,000 people),
LOB (7,000 people)
Our cases:
Marketing, Token Creating, NFT
Influence Marketing by Andrew Shatyrko
KUNA (Crypto App)
Influence Marketing
P4U (NFT project)
Marketing, PR, Influence Marketing
Influence Valley
Influence Marketing
Creating, Mint, Marketing
Creating, Mint
Our Team:
Andrii Shatyrko
Nata Solomichenko
Head of sales
Tetyana Levchuk
Arina Mishevska
Victoriya Chumak
Katerina Zhilenko
Dmitro Budikov
Irina Riabovol
Our projects:
Shatyrko Bloggers Club
150 blogers from all over Ukraine with a total audience of 50 million readers
NaShatyrko Academy:
105,000 students from around the world
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Cryptocurrency marketing it's about the newest digital services.
As the number of projects increases in the market, new and existing crypto projects need to stand out: NFT, IDO, IEO, DeFi, DEX, P2E. The most successful crypto projects will make all newest decision-making. Cryptocurrency marketing it's important part of this business.
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Private individual entrepreneur Shatyrko Andriy Fedorovych