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Founder: Andrew Shatyrko
Marketer and entrepreneur
10 years in digital marketing
Certified YouTube and Video Specialist

A blogger with an audience of 1,600,000 readers
Master Trainer accredited by IPACT

Owner of the educational company Nashatyrko
Author of the course SUPERMANS

54,000 YouTube and Instagram for Business students
1500 students of "Tik Tok Marathon"

Speaker: FROM EMPTINESS TO FULLNESS (100,000 people), MEGATRAINING (8,000 people), LOB (7,000 people)
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Our Team:
  • Andrii Shatyrko
  • Nata Solomichenko
    Head of sales
  • Tetyana Levchuk
  • Arina Mishevska
  • Victoriya Chumak
  • Katerina Zhilenko
  • Dmitro Budikov
  • Irina Riabovol
Our projects:
Shatyrko Bloggers Club.
150 bloggers from all over Ukraine with a total audience of 50 million readers.
NaShatyrko Academy:
105,000 students from around the world
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